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American Home Shield Shares Fast Facts for Homeowners on National Home Warranty Day

February 10, 2021

Today is National Home Warranty Day, and American Home Shield, which has been partnering with homeowners for 50 years to deliver peace of mind and valuable budget protection, is sharing fast facts every homeowner should know when it comes to choosing a trusted home services provider.

Home warranties, also known as home service plans, help protect homeowners against unexpected repair costs. When a home system or appliance is on the fritz, a home service plan helps homeowners manage the costs of unexpected breakdowns and connects homeowners with professional service technicians.

Here are some fast facts you should know about protecting your home, from the industry leading provider of home service plans:

  1. Know the difference between homeowner's insurance and a home warranty. While homeowner's insurance generally covers you from natural disasters or other catastrophic incidents, it's not there for the natural wear and tear every home experiences. That's where a home service plan steps in, providing budget protection and convenient access to professional service technicians for items that will wear down over time.
  2. Do your homework. Not all plans and providers are equal. Choose a provider with a variety of plans and options so you can include the home system components and appliances that matter most to you. Some lower-priced plans may have higher service fees or limited coverage, and even the best plans include some non-covered expenses. American Home Shield offers several plan options so you can find the coverage that makes sense for your home. 
  3. Choose a provider with a broad network of professional service contractors. The right home service plan not only protects your budget against unexpected repair costs, it also saves you time and stress with its network of local professionals who can help get your covered items up and running again. American Home Shield has a nationwide network of thousands of pre-qualified home service contractors, taking the hassle out of finding a professional to solve your home dilemma.
  4. Look for a provider with a solid history of paying claims. Over the past five years, American Home Shield has paid more than $2 billion in service requests, more than any other home service plan provider. American Home Shield members who use their home service plan are more likely to renew since they have had first-hand experience with the value it provides.
  5. They make sense whether buying, selling or already in your home. Many people associate home service plans with a check-the-box item in a real estate transaction. However, adding to your home protection is an important decision you can make at any time. Buying or selling? Easy ... do your homework and use the above tips, then tell your real estate agent what provider you want to protect your home. Already in a home? No worries, you can purchase a home service plan at any time. 

The past year our homes have become the sanctuary and centers of both family and work life, and the need has never been greater for peace of mind when it comes to keeping our home systems and appliances going. 

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