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Diversity and Inclusion: An open letter from our executive leadership team

June 12, 2020

Like millions of individuals across our nation and world, we at Frontdoor have been moved by a growing call for action against racism, intolerance, and the unspeakable acts of violence against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many others. As a leadership team and organization, we are eager to contribute to lasting change.   

We believe each of us share a responsibility to do our part to eliminate racism and hatred, one interaction, one person at a time.

One of the ways we’ll make this possible at Frontdoor is by increasing our focus on diversity and inclusion. This isn’t a new initiative, rather a more pronounced part of our culture that we intend to live by and stand for going forward.

Diversity and inclusion empowers us to achieve more together than we could individually, and fosters innovation and transformation. Not only should we represent the communities we serve, but bringing together talented people of diverse backgrounds, ages, races, genders, religions and life experiences helps us innovate and disrupt the status quo. In an inclusive environment, employees are comfortable bringing their whole self to work and we all benefit from a variety of unique insights that enable us to be better at solving our customers’ problems.

As we embrace these principles, our 2020 actions will include:

  • Actively listening for understanding through focus groups and ongoing conversations, and dedicating a role to support initiatives as we grow our program.
  • Creating learning opportunities through a monthly speaker’s series, starting with individuals from across Frontdoor who will share their personal journeywith the goal to incorporate external speakers as the program grows. We will also have company-wide unconscious bias training and other educational opportunities.
  • Expanding our talent pool as we work to attract diverse, talented people to join our team, and expanding career opportunities throughout a team member’s tenure with the company; we’ll also create a baseline to help us better understand the diversity of our contractor and supplier networks.
  • Empowering our associates by conducting a pay equity study to help us identify and address any disparities we may find, as well as supporting those who are under-represented through educational and career opportunities in the skilled trades.

As we talked about next steps, we acknowledge all actions fall short of doing enough. We believe these are the right first steps for our company. While there’s certainly more work to be done, we are committed to making substantial strides and are passionate about outpacing the changes we hope to see in the business community.

Our House Rules, which include building trust, being transparent, thinking big, and doing great things, are the foundation of our culture. These values will guide us in our journey as we continue to build a diverse and inclusive environment where all people are empowered to contribute to our mission of transformation.

We look forward to the opportunity to make lasting contributions to the history of our industry and this nation.


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